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Rough Draught

Jan 2021


Kirsty & Carissa take a hit of candid, vivid writing on a journey through the mind of an Iraq-vet-slash-heroin-addict-slash-hopeless-romantic-slash-part-time-bank-robber-slash-average-dude.


Topic: Cherry by Nico Walker

Theme: "Make It Ours" by Evermore

Jan 2021

2021 Draughties

Kirsty & Carissa revisit the books of Rough Draught 2020, and none of the real-life events. Who will win the coveted Best Classic, or some of the more obscure Draughties? Let's find out!

Jan 2021

A Fashionably Dead Christmas

Carissa & Kirsty celebrate the holidays with a litany of angelic, demonic, and vampiric figures. It's...really...something.


Topic: A Fashionably Dead Christmas by Robyn Peterman

Theme: "Make It Ours" by Evermore

Jan 2021

The Spy Who Couldn’t Spell

Kirsty & Carissa delve into spy work to discover how treason works, why people might commit treason, and whether or not anyone actually cares about treason.


Topic: The Spy Who Couldn't Spell by Yudhijit Bhattacharjee

Theme: "Make It Ours" by Evermore

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